Industrial Economics and Competitive Policy

Program Coordinator:Prof. Yuk-fai Fong

Ensuring fair competition among firms is instrumental to economic development. Competition/antimonopoly law and policy has become increasingly important in China, including Hong Kong. This program aims to encourage and support economic research which informs policy makers, enforcers, practicing lawyers, economic consultants, company legal counsels, and researchers in the antitrust and competition field. Events will also be organized to promote interaction and exchange of ideas among academic researchers and practitioners.

Population and Migration in China

Coordinator:Prof. Y. C. Richard Wong

This program studies the migration patterns of population within China since the beginning of reforms in 1980. The focus is on the determinants of migration decisions in response to reform policies that had progressively lessened the restrictions on migration and the socio-economic incentives for so doing and its consequences for social and economic development. The program studies the benefits and costs of migration for households at the micro level and the macro and regional levels.

China's globalization: International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment

Coordinator:Prof. Heiwai Tang

This program aims to generate understanding on China's participation in globalization, especially in the areas of international trade and foreign direct investment (FDI). Although a large body of studies on various aspects of China's trade and FDI already exist, this program aims to provide a general framework incorporating Chinese features so to generate a sound explanation to what have been observed, provide critical evaluations on past trade and FDI policies, and draw useful implications and forecasts for the future development in this area.

Organizations and Strategies across China’s Regions

Coordinator:Prof. Zhigang Tao

This program aims to investigate the characteristics and dynamics of different types of enterprises in China (at the micro-level), and the regional institutional environment in which enterprises operate and its impacts on business strategies (at the macro-level).

Firm Competitiveness and Industry Dynamics in China

Coordinator:Dr. Hongsong Zhang

This program examines the factors that shape the competitiveness of firms and the resulting industry dynamics in China. We aim to investigate the impact of relevant industrial and trade policies on firm entry/exit, trade participation, product upgrading, and the growth of industries in China in the past three decades.